Upcoming Events

Music Workshop for adults

Ever wonder what all those symbols around the words are in music? Ever wonder how to read music, or wonder how those singers sound so wonderful? Well, wonder no more! Suzy Reiser and Gary Miller will be leading a music workshop that will provide basic instruction for anyone interested in learning the answer to these and other questions. The workshop will begin on Monday, July 10th and go through Friday, July 14th. We will meet each day in the CLC at 8:30 AM and conclude approximately at 11:15 AM. The cost is $5.00 for the entire week. You will learn to read music through the elements of melody, rhythm, and harmony and also look at the beautiful stories that inspired some of our great hymns. You will be treated to a group voice lesson and enjoy group singing as well as playing some rhythm instruments. Join us and learn why those ensemble girls sound so wonderful!  Call the church office at 562-1900 to sign up.